Class Agenda 4B – Connecting Context and Anecdote to our Habits

Date: 9/14/17

Best Songs of 1993 & 1998 Week

Opening Song “I Get Around” 2Pac (4:10 – 1993)

(Copy and Do) Tell 1-2 anecdotes from yesterday.

  • – something that happened to you between the end of ELA yesterday and the start of ELA today.


partner share.


SLT- I can use a mix of context and anecdote in my journal writing.

SLT- I can connect my anecdotes to our BCS Habits of Character and Habits of Scholarship. 

 Notes refresh

  • Anecdote-
  • a short and amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person.
    “told anecdotes about his weekend”
    synonyms: story, tale, narrative, incident;
  • Context 
  • noun
    1. the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.
      “the decision was taken within the context of planned cuts in spending”
      synonyms: circumstances, conditions, factors, state of affairs, situation, background, scene, setting
  •  Mini Lesson

Review RAFTS Writing Prompt


  1. Think about which 1 Habit of Scholarship – Collaboration, Responsibility, Persistent- is your best.
  2. Think about which 1 Habit of Character – Open-Minded, Kind, Courageous- is your best.
  3. Think of anecdotes that help demonstrate your habits.
  4. Write

Interruption– if there’s a common issue.

Homework- Finish both Journal Entries. Read for 30 minutes and blurb about it.

  1. Class Work IIFull Body ContractAfter reading through the expectations of the class and our BCS Habits of Character and Scholarship, it’s time to start thinking about what that actually looks like. If we’re planning to be learning and challenging ourselves this year, what does our body physically need to be doing?
    • Roles- 
      • Facilitator (Group Leader)
      • Materials Keeper (Pen/Marker/Giant Paper/Piece Of Tape/Scissors)
      • Artist(s)/Writer
      • Contributor


    1.  On your paper, sketch someone from your group.
    2. Then as a group, have a discussion for each of the following body parts on the same general question- what does _____ look like when you’re putting Learning First and following our class norms?
    3. Summarize your discussion near the body part on your large paper.
      • Eyes
      • Mouth
      • Ears
      • Hands and Arms
      • Feet and Legs
      • Your Body and Trunk
    4. Fill in the rest of your body. Does not need to be or look like the person that you traced.

    Wrap/Up-Clean UP


Exit ticket- HW Starts tonight

Day 1 PPT

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