Class Agenda 6A – Persistence in Silent Reading

Date: 9/18/17

Motown Monday

Opening Song “You Can’t Hurry Love” The Supremes (2:45 – 1966)

  • List 3 challenges for you when persisting through silent reading in class.

  • 3 Challenges of Silent Reading: 


Share your response with your partner, but also come up with solutions to address these challenges. 


SLT- I can be persistent in maintaining focus through silent reading. 

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns

Class Notes:

  • Set up or glue in new reading log.

  • Glue in your HW Rubric. – Circle the Mastery score you think you deserve.

  • Collect

Mini Lesson: Identifying Challenges and Solutions during SSR

Notes here.

Class Work: Silent Reading! 

Finish reading your short story if you haven’t yet.


Read in your independent reading book.  

Exit Ticket: Rubric Self-Assessment

On scrap paper, write your name and the rating you would give yourself on the following rubric: 

Name: ______________

I would rate myself a _________ because…. 

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