Class Agenda 8B – Welcome Packet Important Dates.

Date: 9/20/17

Wildcard Wednesday

Opening Song “Save A Bread” Justin Hinds & The Dominoes (2:40 – 1966)

  • Set a short term goal for yourself during class work time.

  • Homework ReCheck!!!!

  • Announcements- We’ll be ending class with a closing circle

Partner Share-  Partners can now help each other be responsible for reaching their short term goals.


SLT- I can use a mix of context and anecdote in my journal writing.

SLT- I can connect my anecdotes to our BCS Habits of Character and Habits of Scholarship. 

SLT- I can use technology to publish my classwork. 

SLT- I can use models to help strengthen my own writing.

SLT- I can identify the audience, context and anecdote in a This I Believe Essay, and other personal essays.

SLT- I can set short-term writing goals for ELA Class

SLT- I can demonstrate responsibility by following due dates.

circle the verbs, underline the nouns

  • Mini-Lesson

  • Read Aloud – BCS Welcome Packet Project

  • Important Dates:

    • Part I- BCS Habits of Scholarship and Habits of Character Due: Tuesday, 9/26/17
    • Part II– This I Believe Statement Due: Monday. 10/3/17
    • Final Due October 6
  • Class Work Find your name here for your instructions.

    • Template Option I- If you’re stuck Click Here

    • Template Option II- already in your google drive.

  • Revision
    • If you have a draft – Text coding your writing.
      • Editing Text Codes
      • C- Context
      • A- Anecdote
      • 6- for 6th graders


  1. Go to – find class agenda 5B
  2. Make a copy – share with Josh B and Lauren
    1. file, make a copy, name the copy including your name
  3. Type your anecdotes in the template. 
  4. Grade your work on our rubric.

Interruption– if there’s a common issue.

Closing Circle- Last 7 Minutes

  • Thumbs Up/Down – Computer Access At Home
  • Whip Around- 1 word to describe your writing so far.

Homework- Decide if you’re going for a 3 or a 4 on your homework rubric.

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