Class Agenda 10A – Answering the Anchor Questions

Date: 9/26/17

Turn Up Tuesday

Opening Song “Let’s Go Crazy” Prince (4:39- 1984)

Do Now: Read over the Habits of Scholarship Rubric. We will officially use this assessment on Friday. This will happen every two weeks and will go into Engrade under the “Habits of Scholarship” Learning Target. 

Set a goal for yourself for the week, based on the bullet points under the learning target. 

This week, my Habits of Scholarship goal is to… 

SLTs & HW Check 

SLT- I can use the anchor questions to deepen my thinking about a text.

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns

Class Notes:

Glue into notebook:

Mini Lesson: Answering Anchor Questions in The Rock and the River

Father would see us leave. He had this uncanny sixth sense– he always knew when we disobeyed him. There’d be hell to pay. But, right then, I didn’t care. Just once, I wanted to do something unexpected.

“Let’s get out of here,” I said.

Stick grinned. “That’s my boy,” he said, thumping my shoulder. Stick liked to shake things up. I always followed the rules and did what I was told.

Model Notecatcher

Class Work:

  1. Fill out your signpost reading log with the examples from our Rock and River quiz. 

  2. When you’re done, move on to your own independent reading book and continue filling out the chart with your own examples. 

Exit Ticket (in your notebook):

Why do you think readers are supposed to answer anchor question? What does it help you to do? 

(SAMPLE SENTENCE STARTER) I think readers are supposed to answer the anchor questions because… 


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