Class Agenda 9A – Finding Signposts in your Independent Reading Book

Date: 9/25/17

My Day Monday

Opening Song “Happy Birthday” Stevie Wonder (5:57- 1980)

Do Now #1: Find your assigned seat and sit down.

Do Now #2: How much did you remember about the signposts over the weekend? Re-do this worksheet for a quiz grade. We’ll collect. 

SLTs & HW Check 

SLT- I can identify signposts while I read a text. 

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns

Mini Lesson: Finding Signposts in Independent Reading

Excerpt from The Rock and the River: 

“Father,” I said, pulling away from Mama.

Father looked tall in the low-ceilinged hospital corridor. He pulled his hands out of his coat pockets and removed his gloves. “Where’s your brother?” He asked, looking me in the eyes.

I was in trouble.

Class Work:

  1. Read Independently.

  2. Use a post-it to flag any time you see a signpost in your reading

** What short story are you reading? We’re coming around to make a note.

Exit Ticket (in your notebook):

I saw a _____ signpost when … 


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