Class Agenda 9B – Getting to Know This I Believe

Date: 9/25/17

Motown Monday

Opening Song “Brothers On The Slide” Cymande (4:23 – 1974)

  • glue your homework rubric into your ELA Homework Work notebook. 
  • Circle which score you think you deserve based on the criteria. 
  • A) Why do you think you deserve this grade?
  • B) Write down an anecdote from your weekend.


Partner share 


SLT- I can use a mix of context and anecdote in my journal writing.

SLT- I can connect my anecdotes to our BCS Habits of Character and Habits of Scholarship. 

SLT- I can use technology to publish my classwork. 

SLT- I can use models to help strengthen my own writing.

SLT- I can identify the elements of a This I Believe Essay.

circle the verbs, underline the nouns

Text Codes-

C- Context

A- Anecdote

P- Positive Language

B- This  I Believe

Class Work

  • Finish Model independently
  • Choose at least 2 more statements to read and text code.
  • Try Drafting your own This I Believe Statement in your notebook.

closing circle-

what’s one topic you could potentially write about?


  1. Go to – find class agenda 5B
  2. Make a copy – share with Josh B and Lauren
    1. file, make a copy, name the copy including your name
  3. Type your anecdotes in the template. 
  4. Grade your work on our rubric.

Interruption– if there’s a common issue.

Homework- Decide if you’re going for a 3 or a 4 on your homework rubric.

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