Class Agenda 19A – Signpost Group Project, Cont’d

Date: 10/12/17

Opening Song “Don’t Fear the Reaper” Blue Oyster Cult (3:49 – 1976) 

Do Now: 

What signpost do you see in the video? How do you know? What does the anchor question help you to infer?

SLTs & HW Check

SLT – I can be persistent in order to meet a deadline. 

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns


** Part A of Signpost Group Project is due tomorrow! 

**ATTENDANCE CHALLENGE: Cohorts competing for best first period attendance this month. Prize to come! 

** Signpost Test (1 of 2) on Friday !

Independent Work

Lauren Editing Signpost Charts for Final Project

Closing Circle 

How could signposts help a sixth grader to understand a story? 

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