Class Agenda 22 A + B – Signpost Final Project Part B; Signpost Quiz #3

Date: 10/17/17

Opening Song “Dracula” Gorillaz  (4:41- 2001)

Do Now: Review the Signpost Project Presentation Rubric. Answer the following questions in your notebook: 

  1. Which learning target (1, 2 or 3) relates to creating an attractive-looking presentation?

  2. What will you score for the 3rd learning target if each member only says one thing?

  3. What will you score for the 1st learning target if your signposts do not go into detail — if they’re basic, or vague?

SLT’s and HW Check

SLT- I can collaborate with my team to set up our final project with a successful layout 

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns


  • Evacuation Drill @ 9:45 am. We go down the “C” Stairway and out to 3rd Place. 

  • Signpost Quiz #2 this afternoon! 

  • Attendance challenge still in effect! 


Class Notes:

Using a checklist.

Independent Work Time: 

Groups with Incomplete Part A (due 10/20)

Date: 10/17/17

Opening Song “Frankenstein Stomp” Count Lorry and the Biters  (2:02- 2012)

SLT: I can demonstrate mastery in using signposts to make inferences about a text. 

Period 4

  • Elian, Helen, Arielis, Maycol, Jose –> Click Here

Period 8

  • Damion, Cole, Sapphire, Makaylah, Luis GG, Luis B., Jonathan, Nick A., Isabel, Tiannah –> Go to 412.

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