Class Agenda 25AB – Silent Reading + Signpost Presentations

Date: 10/20/17

Opening Song – “Beatlejuice” clip- 2:00

Do Now: What signpost is most important in the following clip from Beatlejuice? (Hint 1- Beatlejuice. Hint 2- Beatlejuice)


SLT’s and HW Check

SLT- I can show responsibility by reading silently for 30+ minutes

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns


  • Evacuation Drill @ 9:45 am. We go down the “C” Stairway and out to 3rd Place. 

  • Signpost presentations are this afternoon! 

  • Attendance challenge still in effect! 

Class Notes:

Independent Work Time: 

Silent Reading 

Class #2

Sign Post Presentations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

opening song- “Banana Boat Song” Harry Belefonte (3:09, 1956)

Do Now-

  • Clear your desks for Signpost Presentations

  • Facilitators, round up what you need (1 computer or your mind maps)

  • Review your Signpost Presentation Note Catchers


Review Signpost Note Catcher.

Questions to Inspire Your Presenters:

  • What happened in this story? 

  • What signposts did you find? 

  • How did you know it was a _______ signpost? What clues gave it away? 

  • What did you learn by answering the anchor question?

  • How did the signposts help you to understand the story better? 

Presentation Order


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