Class Agenda 26A – Silent Reading and Signpost Reflections.

Date: 10/23/17

Opening Song “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” Charlie Daniels Band  (3:53- 1979)

Do Now: Spend the length of this song trying to find a signpost in YOUR INDEPENDENT READING BOOK.

Share Out- Book title, what signpost did you find?


SLT’s and HW Check

SLT- I can show responsibility by reading silently for 30+ minutes

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns


  • HW Notebook Check Is Happening.

Class Notes:

Set up or get a new reading log for the week

Independent Work Time: 

Silent Reading 

  • Period 1 Quizzes –> Damion, Nick A., Taylor, Lanise, Luis B., Jaelyn, Jonathan, Roselyn
  • Period 2 Quizzes –>Jose, Luz, Helen, Arielis, Elijah, Jocelyn, Maycol

Signpost Reflection-

  • What’s something that you learned in this project?

  • What’s something to improve on for next time?















































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