Class Agenda 28 B – Drafting Scary Stories (Expected/Unexpected Intros)

Date: 10/25/17

Opening Song “Zombie” Cranberries (5:06- 1994)

Do Now: Create a title and draw a picture the illustrates what your scary story will be about. Label anything that needs clarification.

Title of Story: __________________________


SLT- I can use the “expected/unexpected” formula to write an introduction to my scary story. 

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns


  • Expeditionary Thursday TOMORROW.  What are you bringing?
  • Where is your permission slip? 
  • Groups posted at end of class today.  


Strong introductions combine something expected with something unexpected

1) It was fall time in Westville, New York, when Sandra Martinez was murdered.

2) When I woke up this morning, did I know that today was the day I were going to die? No.

3) The first time she caught her reflection acting oddly in her bedroom window, she attributed it to lack of sleep.

4) After her trip she started to act weird. Then, one night, she woke me up by hissing at me.

Independent Work Time: 

Step One. Find a page in your notebook to start your draft. 

Step Two. Use the “expected/unexpected” formula to start your introduction.

Step Three. Continue Drafting — use the “Vocabulary Words for Writing Scary Stories” worksheet to help you create a scary vibe.


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