Class Agenda Film Festival

Date: 10/31/17 


SLT- I can evaluate the spooky retellings of “The Tell-Tale Heart” 

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns


Group C1!!!- Dinasia, Vera, Nick G., Roman, Jadis

Group G1!!!- Destiny, Autumn, Zoe, Jonah, Noah

Group B1!!!- Luna, Rocky, Johnny, Charlie, Emmit

Group A2!!!- Piper, Lanise, Maria DLC, Cole

Group D2!!! Thuraya, Nick A, Stephanie, Damion, Jocelyn

Group D1!!!!- Sophia, Alana, Tymani, Marcos, Evan

Group F1!!- Isaac, Iris, Luis GG, Davian, Nyla 






D1- Film

C1- Film

D2-  Start at 1:58

F1- Film



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