Class Agenda 32 B – Sharing our Scary Stories.

Date: 11/1/17

Wildcard Wednesday

Opening Song “November Blue”  Avett Brothers (4:28- 2002)

Do Now: Use the following words in a 5 minute journal.

-there- their- they’re – 

  • Must be at least 7 lines for credit
  • Can be about your halloween last night, or maybe looking ahead to something you’re excited about?


SLT- I can make the best possible scary story, possible.

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns



Group Feedback Sheet and Revision Protocol 

Work Time:

Step 1- Those finished, do the Revision Protocol with other finished group members at your table.

Step 2- If you are not finished typing, you may continue to work to get in your final draft.

Homework Continues- If you want to make any changes based on sharing today, then you may for HW.  If not, regular HW.


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