Class Agenda 35A – Independent Reading + Portfolios

Date: 11/6/17

Opening Song “Perfect Day” Lou Reed (3:33- 1972)

Do Now: Think about where you are in your Independent Reading Book. Answer the following question based on if you’re at the-

  • Beginning- Do you understand what’s going on in your story? Explain.                                                          (4 Sentences)

  • Middle- What is the back story of the main character and/or secondary characters?                                                            (4 Sentences)

  • End- How did my thinking about the characters or events of my story change throughout the book?                                    (4 Sentences)



  • We’re collecting Classwork Notebooks to look at your Write Longs.

  • Collecting HW Notebooks to evaluate HW notebooks.

  • Song Suggestion Fridays- students who are in class on time, in their seat and getting started when the bell rings, all 10 periods now have the opportunity to suggest songs for the Do Now on the following Friday. E-mail suggestions to

SLT’s and HW Check 

SLT- I can track developments in the characters and settings throughout the course of my independent reading book. 

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns


  • Goals for Independent Reading- 
    • Josh- to check in with all of you about your do now.
    • Students- read 8-15 pages depending on your book. 
      • Charlie – Rock and River pg. 12-24 + WL Assignment
      • Helen – New Packet

Independent Work Time: Hand In Class Work Notebook

Independent Reading 

*** Maycol, Elian, Jose, Arielis, Helen, Lumy, Gabriela –> Video Part 1; Video Part 2; Video Part 3
















































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