Class Agenda 38B – Native Son 1-10

Date: 11/13/17

Opening Song “Family Business” Kanye West (4:39- 2004)

Do Now: –

  • Turn to Page #5 of Native Son. – the book on your desk…

  • Read “Buddy ran to a wooden box…” to “…hanging on.”

  • Sketch and Label what you’re picturing in this scene.  


  • Friday Song Challenge is in full swing. 
  • SLT’s and HW Check

SLT- I can visualize moments and scenes from the first 10 pages of Native Son

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns


  • New Book! Native Son by Richard Wright.
  • This book will take us to our ELA PBAT and Round Table.
  • This book is difficult. Most/all whole class texts that you will read from now on (8th Grade, HS, College, Grad School, etc..) are also difficult.
  • One strategy I always go to on difficult texts is simple visualization. Making a movie in your mind.  Sketching and labeling. 

Returning to the Do Now. Page 9


Read Aloud- Native Son Pages 1-10.

Class Work- Stop 3 times to sketch and label scenes from the early part of this novel.






Homework- Finish Chicago Packet

  • Regular Homework back on! Journal entries. 


























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