Class Agenda 41B – Bigger Thomas and The 1930s

Date: 11/16/17

Opening Song “September” – Earth, Wind & Fire (3:35 – 1971)

Do Now –

  • Add to your list of at least 5 of Bigger’s character traits or physical traits, based on the first 1 pages of Native Son. 

Table Share-Note Catcher 


SLT’s and HW Check

SLT- I can identify Bigger’s place in Chicago in the 1930’s by interpreting artwork from that time period and analyzing how it relates to Native Son

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns

Mini-Lesson: Power Point

Last week we looked at-  Review List Of Character and Physical Traits. 

Jacob Lawerence “The Migration Series”

Today we’re going to revisit this series and think about how the character “Bigger” from Native Son fits in with this artwork.

For Today = Updated Tracker Overview – Review instructions.

Model? –



Homework- Finish Chicago Packet

  • Definitions

  • Post Its

  • Graphic Organizers

  • Fin



























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