Class Agenda 46B – Native Son 40-47 + Angled Retelling

Date: 11/27/17

Opening Song “You Gotta Be” Des’ree (4:05 – 1994)

Do Now A: When we left off, Bigger Thomas had gone to the Dalton’s house to see about getting a job with Mr. Dalton. Can you answer all four questions in four minutes? 

  1. What did Bigger bring to the Dalton’s house with him and why?

  2. How did Bigger feel as he approached the Dalton’s house?

  3. From Bigger’s perspective, what was unusual about the carpet in the house?

  4. Why did Bigger have trouble sitting in the chair at the Dalton’s house?

Do Now B: Sketch + Label Bigger Thomas waiting for Mr. Dalton in the Dalton’s house. 


Please continue to work on any Write Long’s you owe us. You can look on Engrade for a list. Print-out’s go home on Dec. 6th!

Regular homework tonight!

SLT’s and HW Check

SLT- I can use angled retelling to describe how Bigger’s feeling in Mr. Dalton’s house. 

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns


Angled Retelling: Retelling a part of a story with the purpose of proving a specific argument about the events that you are describing.

Page 47- What is surprising about Ms. Dalton?

Page 48-49: What new information do we learn about Bigger? What does it make you think/wonder?

Page 51: What do we know about Bigger’s job?

Exit Ticket (Page 48): 

Angled Retelling: 

What happened in the first conversation between Bigger and Mr. Dalton? Describe Bigger’s interaction using angled retelling.

Angle (perspective) A: Bigger is to blame for not acting more comfortable in the Dalton’s house.

Angle (perspective) B: It’s not Bigger’s fault that he acts uncomfortable in the Dalton’s house.

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