Class Agenda 47B – Native Son 50-57 + Angled Retelling

Date: 11/28/17

Opening Song “Young, Dumb, and Broke” Khalid (4:05 – 2017)

Do Now-

  • Turn to page 39 in Native Son.

  • Review pages 39-41 on your own.

  • When you’re done, start an “Angled Retelling” of the Bigger’s interactions with Gus and Doc.

Angle A- This is not Bigger’s fault. That the Bigger is in control of his actions. That the only way out of the gang, or out of this job, was to make sure that no one wanted him back around.

Angle B- That this is Bigger’s fault. That Bigger has loses control of his actions in this moment, and is a danger to those around him at all times.  

Review Do Now


Please continue to work on any Write Long’s you owe us. You can look on Engrade for a list. Print-out’s go home on Dec. 6th!

Regular homework tonight!

SLT’s and HW Check

SLT- I can use angled retelling to describe how Bigger’s feeling in Mr. Dalton’s house. 

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns


Angled Retelling: Retelling a part of a story with the purpose of proving a specific argument about the events that you are describing.


Page 52-53

  • What are Bigger’s first impressions of Mary?
  • Why does he get mad at her?
  • What was interesting about the use of author’s craft for the description of Mary?

Page 55-56:

  • Sketch and Label the Dalton Family, their house 

Page 57- What are the benefits for working for the Dalton’s? Why should he stay? –

Angled Retelling from Peggy’s Perspective-

  • Positives of working for the Dalton Family.

Exit Ticket-  It is not a coincidence that the author chose to made the walls, cat, and Mrs. Dalton’s clothes white?

  • How is the author using symbolism in his choices? What could the significance of these choices mean or imply about Bigger’s time with the Dalton’s?

Regular HW tonight

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