Class Agenda 48B – Native Son 50-57 + Angled Retelling

Date: 11/29/17

Opening Song “IV. Sweatpants” Childish Gambino (4:05 – 2013)

Do Now-

  • Turn to page 55 of Native Son.
  • Interpret the quote- “He stopped chewing and laid the bread aside.  He had not wanted to let her see him do that; he did that only at home; 
    • What was the issue with how Bigger was eating?
    • What does reveal about relationship with the Daltons?

Review Do Now


Please continue to work on any Write Long’s you owe us. You can look on Engrade for a list. Print-out’s go home on Dec. 6th!

Regular homework tonight!

Cultural Literacy Notes-

  • Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, Jack Dempsey, Henry Armstrong – Boxers

  • Giner Rogers, Jean Harlow, Janet Gaynor – Movie Stars

SLT’s and HW Check

SLT- I can use visualization, angled retelling and “close reading” to reveal the mysteries of Native Son.

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns



The Do Now-

That was an example of close reading. To look carefully through parts of text to see if they reveal something more about the character. Remember, that the best authors make intentional choices in their writing.

Seemingly small interactions offer clues. 


Page 58-59 → Visualization

  • Sketch and Label Bigger at the Dalton house. What are his responsibilities?
  • Sketch and Label Bigger in his new room. 

Page 60-61: Close Read

  • Describe Bigger’s interaction with Mrs. Dalton.
  • What does she want from him, and how does this make bigger feel?

Page 62-

  • What is significant about Bigger’s new job with the Dalton’s? (Hint – relate this to his dream job)

Exit Ticket- We know from the back of the book that Bigger will eventually kill Mary Dalton, Miss Dalton. Based on what we’ve read so far, why do you think Bigger might have done this? 

Regular HW tonight

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