Class Agenda 52B – Native Son 69-77 – Double Consciousness and Author’s Craft

Date: 12/6/17

Opening Song “Lost”  Frank Ocean (4:08 – 2012)

Do Now – 

Part I- Page 66. “He finished warm with anger…” Reread this long paragraph, and how does this paragraph apply to Double Consciousness 

Part II- Page 67. How does Bigger react to Jan shaking his hand, sitting in the front, and asking to be called by his first name? Why does he have this reaction?

Read Aloud-

Understanding W.E.B Dubois Concept of Double Consciousness  

SLT and HW Check

SLT- I can analyze the concept of Double Consciousness as it relates to the author’s craft in “Native Son.”

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns

Mini Lesson-

Review Double Consciousness and Native Son-  Think about the long paragraph on Page 66 and 67.


Author’s Craft- Characterization

Independent Work:

Independent work

Page 71- Here’s another moment where we see Bigger hating someone or something. Why do you think the author keeps bringing up this emotion for Bigger?

Page 73- In Ernie’s Kitchen Shack, what happened when Bigger sat down at a table with Jan and Mary? How do you think this made him feel?

Page 75- You know, Bigger,” said Mary, “we’d like to be friends of yours”.

Why would Mary and Jan want to be friends with Bigger? How do you think Bigger feels about this proposal?

Page 77- What happened in the car when Bigger, Jan and Mary left Ernie’s? (List three things that stood out to you)

Exit ticket-

 – Predict what will happen next…

HW- regular HW- but bonus for journaling about double consciousness in modern society.

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