Class Agenda 53A – Native Son 75-81

Date: 12/7/17

Opening Song  “Trapped” 2Pac (4:44 – 1991)  

Do Now – Bigger has felt “trapped” in a few different situations throughout the book. What does it mean to feel trapped? Answer that, and then choose one other question to answer: 

a) List all the different times when Bigger has felt trapped. 


b) Choose one time when Bigger felt trapped and how he reacted? 



  • Where are your missing Write Longs? Lauren and Josh are starting to call homes. 
  • Theme WL due tomorrow at 3:05! 
  • We are still in regular HW land. 

SLT and HW Check

SLT- I can describe how — and why — Richard Wright makes Bigger repeatedly “trapped” in Native Son

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns

Independent Work: 

Mini Lesson:

Page 77: What happened in the car when Bigger, Jan and Mary left Ernie’s? List three things that stand out to you. 

Page 80-81:  Putting her head on his shoulder, Mary says: “You know, for three hours you haven’t said yes or no.” 

a) Is that true? Why has Bigger not said “yes” or “no”?  What does that mean? 

b) How does Bigger react to Mary’s observation? How does Mary react to her own observation? 

Page 82: “He watched her with a mingled feeling of helplessness, admiration, and hate. If her father saw him here with her now, his job would be over.” 

Does this support the theory of double consciousness? Why or why not? 

Exit Ticket: Now that Bigger is taking Mary inside the Dalton house, is he “trapped” again? Why or why not? How is he feeling/reacting? How do you predict he will act? 


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