Class Agenda 53B – Native Son 82-87

Date: 12/7/17

Opening Song  “Hercules” Aaron Neville (4:44 – 1973)  

Do Now: Since you started writing your theme Write Long, has anything else happened that supports your theme? List it in your notebook.

New Evidence that Supports My Theme   

  • When… 
  • Bigger… 


  • Where are your missing Write Longs? Lauren and Josh are starting to call homes. 
  • Theme WL due tomorrow at 3:05! 
  • We are still in regular HW land. 

SLT and HW Check

SLT- I can find more evidence to support a theme in Native Son

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns

Independent Work: 

Mini Lesson:

Page 83: “He felt her hair brush his lips. His skin glowed warm and his muscles flexed; he looked at her face in the dim light, his senses drunk with the odor of her hair and skin.” 

It seems like Bigger is feeling Mary more as an object than a person in this moment. Why would the author describe it like this? 

Page 84:  “Then her head leaned backward, slowly, gently; it as as though she had given up.” 

When they were in the car and the restaurant, Mary had more power than Bigger. Where’s the power in this situation now? Why?  

Page 85A: “He turned and a hysterical terror seized him, as though he were falling from a great height in a dream. A white blur was standing by the door, silent, ghostlike. It filled his eyes and gripped his body.”

Mrs. Dalton is described as a “white blur.” It there a deeper meaning to this description or is it just because she’s wearing white clothes? Explain. 

Page 85B: All of a sudden, Bigger feels “seized” (grabbed) by terror, like he’s falling from a dream. Who’s in control now? Where is Bigger’s power? What do you think will happen next? 

Exit Ticket: Have you heard anything else that supports your theme? Add it to your list from your Do Now. 


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