Class Agenda 54A – Write Long Support

Date: 12/8/17

Opening Song  “End of the Line” Traveling Wilburys (3:30 – 1998)  

Do Now: Glue this handout in your notebook. Use the 2-step “How to Introduce Evidence” from Weds. to help you add the “I” in TIED.


  • Where are your missing Write Longs? Lauren and Josh are starting to call homes. 
  • How we are collecting WL #4

SLT and HW Check

SLT- I can demonstrate strong habits of scholarship by completing a Write Long by today’s deadline.

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns

Mini Lesson:

Introducing Evidence (the “I” in TIED)

1. Predict (and answer) any questions a reader might have about a quote.

2. Before the quote, write 3-5 sentences that set up and explain (briefly summarize) the part of the story a quote comes from.

Independent Work:

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