Class Agenda 57B – Native Son Test

Date: 12/13/17

2017 Week (s)

Opening Song  “Feel it Still” Portugal. The Man (2:43- 2017)

Do Now #1: SLT and HW Check

1. Copy the LT on the back of your test. Do not turn it over!

2. Circle the verbs, underline the noun

3. Sketch and label what this will look like for you today!

SLT- I can be persistent in showing what I’ve learned about character, theme, author’s craft and the central concepts in Native Son. 

Do Now #2: Please clear your desk of all items except

(1) your HW notebook 

(2) a pencil or pen. 

(3)  Native Son book


  • Hand in Missing Write Longs! 

  • ET tomorrow- it’s supposed to be cold and we’re supposed to be outside for much of the day.  – please plan accordingly. 

Independent Work

Use the rest of class to work quietly on your Native Son test.

Those who finish early, please enjoy some time to read quietly at your seat.

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