Class Agenda 60A + B: Finding Evidence to Support Your Thesis

Date: 12/19/17

Opening Song “I Feel it Coming” The Weeknd w/ Daft Punk (4:29 – 2017)

Do Now#1: Choose an article to from the appropriate folder (above).

–> Read the article silently. Then, jot down 2-3 quotes that you find surprising. 


  • Colored box and bullets — no counterclaim. 
  • PBAT First Drafts due Friday 12/22. Drafts don’t need to be typed. 4th and 8th Period we will watch Native Son…. only for people with completed first drafts! 
  • Reading Logs for the Week 

SLT’s and HW Check

SLT- I can find multiple pieces of evidence to support the reasons I’ve chosen for my PBAT. 

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns


I. Review Reasons + Evidence 

II. Do Now: Finding Strongest Evidence 

III. Where can evidence come from? 

  • Native Son
  • “Chicago in the 1930’s” handout
  • Song lyrics and artwork
  • Double Consciousness definition and notes
  • Jim Crow article
  • Free Will article

Independent Work:

Find 2 pieces of evidence to support each of your reasons! INCLUDE PAGE #’S! 

  • Group A: Flagging the part of the book w/ post its

  • Group B + C: Write it down in the graphic organizer (below)


Date: 12/19/17

Opening Song “Like Lovers Do” Maroon 5 f/ SZA (3:20 – 2017)

Do Now#1: Copy each piece of evidence you found this morning onto its own post it. Like this: 

When you’re done, add your post-it to the appropriate Quote Store chart paper.

SLT- I can use evidence from different parts of Native Son and from different sources to avoid a repetitive argument. 

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns


Step OneFinish filling out all reasons + evidence boxes.

Step TwoBegin drafting your PBAT. 

[Suggestion: Try starting with your body paragraphs!]


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