Class Agenda 64A – Independent Reading

Date: 1/2/18

Opening Song “Dancing On My Own” -Robyn (2010 – 4:05)

Do Now#1- Write down 1 short term New Years Resolution that you have. 

Do Now #2- Write down 1 LONG TERM New Years Resolution that you have.



SLT’s and HW Check  – COLLECT Vacation Reading Log.


SLT- I can identify “The Rules” in my Independent Reading Book. 

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns


Thinking about our Vacation Reading Log-

  • What are the rules of this setting? – This is THE most important question when you’re thinking about any sort of book.
    • In Native Son racial segregation and unequal treatment, black neighborhoods have a different set of rules than white
    • Fantasy/Dystopian/Super Heroes Black Mirror, Game Of Thrones, The Giver, etc… – Dragons are real, people can fly/super strength, etc…, technology is more advanced.
    • Teen Drama- “Pricilla and The Wimps” – people pay the Cobras. That’s just the way it is. Mean Girls, 13 Reasons Why, etc…
  • Who makes the rules? – 
  • What happens if the rules are broken?
  • How does the setting impact the characters in different ways?
  • Independent Work Time: 

Option 1- Read for 25 minutes + mentally note “The Rules” of your IR Book. 

Option 2- Read for 25 minus +. Jot down what you think “The Rules” of your book are. 

Exit Ticket-

  • What are the rules in your Independent Reading book as you understand them?
  • What happens if a character breaks these rules? 














































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