Class Agenda 65A – Debate Intro + PBAT Typing

Date: 1/3/18

Opening Song “Everything is Everything” -Lauryn Hill (1998 – 4:53)

Do Now#1: 

Look over your debate packet.

Fill out the graphic organizer on Page #2 as fast as you can– do at least one reason for each side.


  • The rest of this week will be a combination of our debate project and typing your PBAT.
  • Typed PBAT’s due Friday! 

SLT’s and HW Check: 

SLT- I can be OPEN-MINDED by keeping my focus on new ways to improve my PBAT. 

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns


Top 3 reasons for this week’s debate: 

1. Give you new persuasive arguments to include in your PBAT.

2. Give you an opportunity to learn about an opposing argument to strengthen your own. 

3.  Give you an easy Habits of Scholarship grade based on participation and effort. 

Independent Work:

PBAT Tracker here








































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