Class Agenda 66A: Morning Typing Session

Date: 1/5/18

Opening Song “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” Indeep (4:19 – 1982)

Do Now #1– Think back to Wednesday’s debate round #1- 

Summarize the best point you or your opponent made.

  • Do Now #2-

    Have out: Your Debate Packet, any PBAT Materials that you have. 


SLT- I can practice strong typing posture on my Native Son Draft. 

Mini Lesson- Something to consider.

Independent Work

  • Proper Heading
  • Shared with Joshua Boccheciamp and Lauren Gardner. 
  • Get your draft in your google drive.
  • Printout of your draft and proofread with another reader or Lauren/Josh
    • Make sure all of your i’s are capitalized, that everyone’s name is correct (Bigger Thomas). 

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