Class Agenda 68A – Counter Claim Draft

Date: 1/9/18

Opening Song  “A Change Is Gonna Come”  Sam Cooke (3:15 – 1964) 

Do Now #1: If you haven’t already, fill out the rubric from yesterday’s rapid fire debate. 

Do Now #2: Think back to yesterday’s rapid fire debate. What was the best point the opposing side made?



  • Debate All-Stars
  • We’re still adding to ELA PBAT but the end is nigh’

SLT and HW Check

SLT- I can revise my PBAT Essay to include a strong counter claim argument. 

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns

Mini Lesson:

Formalizing the counter claim for your PBAT Essay.

  • Read Aloud-
  • When writing an essay, you need to acknowledge the valid points of the other side of the argument. Otherwise, you will come off sounding narrow-minded and thereby less effective. Rather than weakening your paper, a good counterclaim paragraph will actually strengthen your essay by showing that you have thoughtfully considered both sides of the issue before arriving at your own claim. 


  • This paragraph goes before your conclusion.
  • It’s the ultimate destruction of your opponent. It’s like saying, yeah, I know you’re argument but here’s why you’re wrong.


  • Here’s an outline of how it could look-

Example- I Bigger Thomas is to blame for the killing of Mary Dalton.

  • On the other hand, there is an argument that could be made that society is actually to blame for the killing of Mary Dalton. This point of view does make sense for several reasons, most notably that Bigger was made uncomfortable by the Dalton family on several occasions. While society was stacked against Bigger, and other black people of the time, there was nothing to suggest that Dalton’s specifically were racist, unfairly or even trying to harm Bigger in any way. In fact, they were trying to give Bigger a higher salary than what was expected, and try to get him back into school. Though I understand that society was surely unfair in the early 1900’s, Bigger still misunderstood the Dalton’s kindness, and over reacted to the situation, yet again- this time with fatal consequences. 

    Independent Work- 

  • Draft a Counter Claim Paragraph in your notebook.

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