Class Agenda 70B – Peer Editing

Date: 1/11/18

Opening Song “Knees to the Floor” Francis and the Lights  (2010 – 4:20)

Do Now#1: 

Take out your notebook and PBAT materials

Do Now#2: 

Complete the “Sentence Correction” Worksheet


  • We are suspending HW until your PBAT deadline. You will NOT have more than 1 period to work on your PBAT tomorrow. REALLY, REALLY needs to be done by tomorrow. Your grade will be strongly affected by not meeting the deadline.

SLT’s and HW Check: 

SLT: I can actively revise my PBAT by incorporating comments from a peer editor. 

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns


Be on the lookout for common errors! 


Peer Editing, 2 Ways

  • Option A: Edit a peer’s PBAT by completing our editing worksheet

  • Option B: Edit a peer’s PBAT by marking up their paper and finding at least 8 changes

Independent Work:

Editing Partners Period 4: 

Editing Partners Period 8:


PBAT Tracker here








































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