Class Agenda 72B – Round Table Prep Day #1

Date: 1/16/18

Opening Song “San Francisco” Foxygen (2013 – 3:45)

Do Now#1:

Look at the NEW Writing Prompts in your Home Work Notebook. Choose 1 and get started on your HW tonight. 


  • Regular HW is back on. We will be checking again starting tomorrow.

SLT’s and HW Check: 

SLT: I can collaborate with my groupmates to prepare for my ELA Roundtable.

Circle the verbs, underline the nouns



Independent Work:

Group Meeting #1

  • Choose Roles
    • Defense- Part I, Argument I, Argument II, Rebuttal, Conclusion
    • Prosecution- Part I, Argument I, Rebuttal, Conclusion
  • Get Started on your packet.


PBAT Tracker here








































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