Week #1 Task Sheet – Class Letter – Room 408 Expectations

Week #1 Task Sheet

ELA 8 Welcome Letter

Room 408 Expectations

  • This is a shared space, and a safe space.
    • We check each other to:
      • Keep it safe and healthy (calm, peace, accepting, water/coffee/hot tea, sugar free, only out of your seat/bathroom with permission)
      • Keep it positive (our language and our actions)
      • Keep it supportive (respect for all, 1 mic, help each other, common goals, bathroom only during independent work)
      • Keep it neutral (free of strong smells, loud noises, bright lights)
      • Keep 408 tidy (LNT, push in your chairs)
  • To be on time, you must be in your seat when the bell rings
  • Opening Song, Purple Norm, Blue Norm

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